We are currently testing a different layout for the site. The new layout is wider with larger thumbnail previews for all galleries (around 45% larger). Another noticable difference is that the big “featured” thumbnail is no longer there. About 50% of our visitors are included in this test, but those on mobile devices should barely see any difference.

We felt like the old layout with tiny thumbnails was a bit outdated and decided to try one with bigger thumbnails. Nothing is set in stone yet as we are still awaiting test results, but we are leaning towards larger thumbnails in the future.

You can check out the new layout and leave us comments and suggestions in this thread: New test layout

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3 Comments to "New layout being tested "

  • Bob

    Looks much better, easier to see the galleries. I like it.

  • Josh

    I like the new layout. Bigger thumbs is the way to go IMO.

  • OneInchCock

    I like it as well. Keep it that way.


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