With the new layout in place, you may wonder what happened to the big thumbnail that was part of our daily updates? Well, it wasn’t an easy decision to let it go as it was part of our layout for so many years, but it is gone now and for a few reasons.

  • It may not look like much, but finding which gallery to post daily as “featured” was a real pain. That thumbnail was one of the first things visitors noticed on our site, so we had to have the best possible thumb there and we spent quite a lot of time searching for the right one.
  • We posted what we felt was a good gallery as the featured one and that process was flawed. You guys should be the ones to decide which galleries rises to the top, not us.
  • We sometimes delayed the release of good galleries simply because we wanted them as featured. Not the smartest idea. From now one, good galleries will be released as we get them.

That’s pretty much it. Hope you guy won’t miss the “featured gallery” too much.

We have updated our layout to include larger thumbnails on the main page, archives and best of. Other pages will follow soon. Hope you like it!

Brdteengal gets many bad gallery reports from your guys on a daily basis. We appreciate your help and the report feature has allowed us to catch many cheaters and remove tons of bad or dead galleries. The system, however, is not foolproof as about 90% of reports are problems on the user’s side of things. To help clear things up, we came up with a few tips on reporting bad galleries. We hope this helps and, as usual, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Read more!

We are currently testing a different layout for the site. The new layout is wider with larger thumbnail previews for all galleries (around 45% larger). Another noticable difference is that the big “featured” thumbnail is no longer there. About 50% of our visitors are included in this test, but those on mobile devices should barely see any difference.

We felt like the old layout with tiny thumbnails was a bit outdated and decided to try one with bigger thumbnails. Nothing is set in stone yet as we are still awaiting test results, but we are leaning towards larger thumbnails in the future.

You can check out the new layout and leave us comments and suggestions in this thread: New test layout

Visit Zishy
We recently came across a pretty cool new non-nude site called Zishy. A must-see for those who love see-through, nip slips, bras and panties… And at just $5.99/month or $27.99 for a year, it’s dirt-cheap and well worth the price!

Read a Zishy Review

A few sites redirect traffic from mobile devices, even ipad traffic in some cases. We’ve decided that the best way for us to deal with this was to add an icon in the upper right corner of those sponsor’s galleries. This will warn mobile users of potential redirects while allowing pc users to view content that behave normally for them.

Here is the icon used: No Mobile

For those who like all natural and hairy women, we added a new Best of We Are Hairy page.

Best of We Are Hairy

We added a new Best of MPL Studios page. Enjoy!

Best of MPL Studios

We added a new Best of Met Art page. Hope you like it.

Best of Met Art

Big news today as we finally launch our model index. You can now easily find galleries from your favorite models and even find models you may have overlooked in the past. Of course, it’s a work in progress, and a lot of popular models are still missing. Finding and categorizing galleries is a lot of work, so please bear with us as we search Brdteengal’s archives for the hottest teens to add to the model directory. Of course, if you have any model request, we will try to add her to the directory quickly.

Check out our Model Directory

Other new features that were added:
– You can now rate models and add them to your favorites folder.
– You can sort the model directory: alphabetically (default), date added (latest models), top rated and most popular (most galleries).
– Top menu bar that follows you on the page as you scroll down the page for easy access to the site’s different sections. Works in most modern browsers.
– Report gallery form is now less intrusive (modern modal popup).
– We’ve made some changes to our search engine. It should spit out more results: model names, model country of origin, website names and more…

That’s it for the moment, but we have more in the works!

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